Regimental Beer Steins – new publication


German Regimental Beer Steins

Contemporary witnesses of the Imperial Era (1871 - 1918)

The book for regimental stein collectors as well as aficionados of beer steins, militaria and reservistica is a new standard reference about regimental steins from the German Empire.

On more than 730 pages this most comprehensive book yet about regimental beer steins features 670 original steins from the German Imperial Era (1871 - 1918) which soldiers had commissioned as souvenirs of their service.

Every single stein is photographed in color from three angles, most steins at half their original size. The brilliant pictures allow you to read even the smallest texts and inscriptions although one may need a magnifying glass on occasion. Each stein offers a short description in German as well as in English.

Furthermore, the book includes two tables with 48 lithophanes (translucent artwork), 30 pages of information regarding the depicted curiosities (e.g., various finials, a vast number of steins with screw-off and double screw-off lids, thumblifts, figurine steins, regimental glass boots, glass goblets as well as a stein entirely made of pewter) and many more highly detailed pictures.

Included are rareties such as steins of the Fortress-Telegraphers, a searchlight platoon, a Fortress M.G. detachment, several armament battalions, a stein of the submarine department, a military cyclist of the Infantry and one of a Bavarian Jäger battalion. Mentioned and explained as well is the appearance of the US flag on an Imperial Navy stein of the S.M.S. Bremen from 1912.

There is so much to discover!

Regimental steins of the following Imperial military units are described:
- 10 items of the Luftschiffer
- 10 steins of soldiers stationed in the colonies
- 20 steins of telegraphers and radio operators
- 50 items of various ship and Navy units
- 60 steins of M.G. companies and detachments and many more

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The book is of high quality and has a sewn binding. Interested parties from Europe, Switzerland and across the globe (exluding the US and Canada) can order the book (weight: 2.6 kg) from the author for a price of 59.00 euros using the following email:

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